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We provide physiotherapy services to injured workers in Victoria and the surrounding regions. We are part of the new WorkSafeBC (WCB) Provider Network.

Physiotherapy to injured workers is offered free of charge on accepted claims. Physiotherapist will perform an extensive assessment including testing of functional status and identification of return to work barriers. Our Shelbourne Physiotherapists may need to contact the employer and WCB adjudicator to ensure the safest return to work for the injured worker. We always make sure that our clients are engaged in the whole process and all the decision making is done together.

As part of WorkSafeBC (WCB) Provider Network in Greater Victoria, we offer all our treatment options to injured workers including Spinal Decompression, Manual Therapy, Hydrotherapy, IMS and Acupuncture. We always make sure that the worker is as close as possible to being 100% before providing discharge reports. The following Registered Physiotherapists have contracts with WorksafeBC and can treat your work injury; Michael Richards, Mark GottfriedNicole Gill, Elyse Nieuwold, Mohsen Mirzaie, Robyn Elliot & Kira Crover. Physiotherapists Hilary Beck, Cody McEvay &  Ruan Le Roux can treat you at our Cook Street Clinic location.

Workers are seeing a Registered Physiotherapist at Shelbourne Physiotherapy to help you:

  • Recover from your workplace injury
  • Return to work as soon as you can safely do so
  • Prevent a similar injury from happening again

During your first visit, your Shelbourne Physiotherapist will:

  • Ask questions about your work
  • Assess your injury and, if necessary, start treatment to help your recovery
  • Explain what you can expect during your treatments
  • Explain your role in recovery
  • Plan with you how and when you will be able to return to work

Why is your Physiotherapist asking questions about your work?

Your Physiotherapist needs to know the kinds of activities you do at work and the way your workplace is set up so he or she can:

  • Understand how your injury affects your ability to work
  • Advise on when and how you can safely return to your regular or modified work
  • Advise you on how to prevent a similar injury from reoccurring

How will your Physiotherapist assess your injury?

Your Shelbourne Physiotherapist will ask you questions about how your injury occurred and the limitations the injury is causing. He or she will examine the injured part of your body. If Physiotherapy treatments are required, your Physiotherapist will begin right away.

What may your Physiotherapy treatments include?

  • Exercise — specific exercises to increase mobility and strength; doing the exercises recommended by your physiotherapist is very important to your recovery
  • Control of inflammation — such as ice, ultrasound, and laser
  • Control of pain — such as ice, heat, mild electrical stimulation, and stretching
  • Manual therapy — a “hands on” approach to improve mobility
  • Education — to help prevent a similar or future injury and control pain
  • Home program — exercises that you can doon your own

Your physiotherapist will explain how many treatments you are likely to need and how often you need to attend the Shelbourne Physiotherapy Clinic in Victoria BC. You will discuss a target date for being able to return to work safely. The physiotherapist is available to answer any questions regarding your treatment. Before going back to work, you must notify your doctor, who may wish to see you.

What are your responsibilities during recovery?

Much of your recovery is up to you. You are expected to attend your scheduled Physiotherapy appointments. Your physiotherapist will show you how to do the exercises that will help you regain your strength and flexibility. Learning how to do the exercises correctly, then doing them at home as recommended by your physiotherapist, is important. Remain as active as you can during your recovery. This will help your recovery and get you back to your regular job as soon as possible. Your physiotherapist will provide guidance regardingthe types of activities that are beneficial. Keep in touch with your employer and be willing to do tasks that your Physiotherapist, doctor, and employer agree you are able to safely do. If you cannot return to your regular job, WorkSafeBC (the Workers’ Compensation Board) will contact your employer to see if there is suitable work.

When will you be able to return to work?

Your Shelbourne Physiotherapist and your medical doctor will both discuss with you when you might be able to return to work. Here are some possibilities:

  • You return to your regular job as soon as you are able to do so safely
  • You return to your job with temporary modifications in your hours of work, the tasks you do, and/or the way you do your tasks for a defined period of time. Your Victoria Physiotherapist may recommend that you return to work before you feel you are fully recovered. The type of activities that you do at work may contribute to a faster recovery. If necessary, you will continue your physiotherapy treatments fora brief period after you return to work. Return to work is good for recovery Return-to-work programs are based on the idea that many injured workers can safely perform work during their recovery period and doing so provides emotional and physical benefits which can help in recovery.

What is a nurse advisor?

A nurse advisor is a registered nurse with additional training and education focused on recovery and return-to-work planning. The nurse advisor does not handle claim entitlement issues. WorkSafeBC nurse advsors in Victoria are her to help you safely return to work and recover from your injury.

How can the nurse advisor help you?

The nurse advisor may contact you to assist with developing a return-to-work plan. In doing so the nurse advisor may:

  • Collaborate with you and your physician, employer, and health care provider
  • Organize, start, and monitor a return-to-work plan
  • Support you throughout the recovery process

Other important questions for you and your Shelbourne Physiotherapist to discuss

Who pays for your physiotherapy treatments?

  • If you have reported your injury to your employer and WorkSafeBC, you will have a claim number.
  • If WorkSafeBC accepts your claim then WorkSafeBC will pay your physiotherapist directly. You do not have to pay any costs.
  • If your claim is not accepted, you are responsible for the full cost of your physiotherapy care.
  • If your claim is pending, WorkSafeBC will pay for your initial first week physiotherapy visit. However, you will need to pay for any subsequent visits privately. If your claim is then accepted, your Physiotherapist will directly bill WorkSafeBC and reimburse you any money you have paid.
  • If your claim is pending on the date of your initial visit and then not accepted, your Physiotherapist will directly bill WorkSafeBC for the initial first week of visits only and reimburse you any money paid for these visits.

What if you have not started a claim with WorkSafeBC?

Call WorkSafeBC at one of the following numbers:
General claim or entitlement inquiries
Toll-free 1 888 967-5377

You will be given a claim number, which you can give to the front desk at Shelbourne Physiotherapy. Keep these numbers close at hand so you can call if you have any questions about your claim.

What if you have not returned to work as you and your physiotherapist planned?

If you have not returned to work as planned, WorkSafeBC will work with your doctor and physiotherapist to confirm a future treatment plan.

While receiving physiotherapy treatment, how often should you go to your doctor?

Go to your doctor if:

  • Your condition changes significantly
  • Your physiotherapist recommends a visit
  • Your doctor recommends a visit

Your doctor is not required to send progress reports to WorkSafeBC for you to continue receiving compensation payments.

Contact information

WorkSafeBC Health Care Services
6951 Westminster Highway
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Lower Mainland 604 232-7787
Toll-free 1 866 244-6404

If you have questions about initiating a claim, the status of a claim, or return-to-work planning, please contact:

WorkSafeBC Provincial Call Centre
Lower Mainland 604 231-8888
Toll-free 1 888 967-5377
Information is also available on our web site at

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