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Are you a current or past client at Shelbourne Physiotherapy? Have you worked with our practitioners in the past? If so, we’d love to share your thoughts so everyone can see what an amazing service we provide. Please send us a short testimonial

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Physiotherapy Testimonials

Good afternoon,

I would like to provide some feedback on my recent visit to your clinic. I was treated by Nicole Gill yesterday to help with rehabilitation due to an Achilles rupture injury. Prior to this visit I had been recieving physiotherapy for my injury from several other providers and was not entirely satisfied with my treatment.

From the very beginning of my appointment I was impressed with Nicole's understanding of my injury. She was very well informed about treatment and answered all my questions in a thoughtful and engaging way. She was extremely thorough in my assessment and was able to make a difference right away in the way I felt. She provided me with some techniques to work on at home and I am really looking forward to my next session with her. Nicole spent more time with me in that one session than several of my previous sessions at other clinics combined.

Please pass along this feedback to Nicole's supervisor.

Warm regards,
M. B., Victoria, British Columbia, June 2013

"Heaven sent! Truly the words that best describe my experience of IMS at Shelbourne Physiotherapy. Nine months ago I limped in for my first assessment presenting with a very stiff and immobile right hip, severely limited range of motion, and chronic severe pain. A broken ankle requiring surgery a year earlier had led me to overcompensate with my right side and an already arthritic hip. A year of weekly physio treatments (elsewhere), an intensive regimen of home exercises, and eventual weekly therapeutic massage treatments yielded only temporary relief and the condition only became more acute.

My massage therapist recommended IMS at Shelbourne Physiotherapy. The first session yielded immediate results! Was able to bend down at the knees for the first time in months! I have been in treatment for nine months and continue to be astonished at the constant improvement. Am blessedly free of pain most of the time and now enjoy a hugely recovered range of motion. I can bound up and down staircases, drive for extended periods of time, do housework and have also resumed swimming and daily walks.

Best of all am finally able to keep up with my grandson! I have recommended IMS at Shelbourne Physio to five of my friends and they too are extremely delighted with the results! I will continue to sing their praises for years to come."

M.T., Victoria, B.C.

Definitely the place to go for sports injuries!!! The Physiotherapists do a fantastic job of providing the best treatments and rehabilitation to get you back into your sport and feeling normal again. Thanks Brad and Mark.

J.H, Victoria, B.C., April 2015

"A 4 year struggle with tendon pain that had resisted the best efforts of therapists relying on commonly available treatments had left me more and more isolated and unable to take part in the physical activities that foster friendships not to mention soundness of body and mind. A practitioner at Shelbourne Physiotherapy was able to turn my despair around. Tracing the injury to its source she worked to restore joint range of motion with exceptional manipulation skill and with the precision of the IMS technique to release taut bands of muscle.

This clinic's sensitivity to the demoralizing impact pain can have on a life is genuine and their skils are unparallelled in my experience."

B. L., Victoria B.C.

"I was involved in a work accident in 1990 and couldn’t really find the right treatment for me. This was followed by a car accident in 2004. I am finally getting the treatment, with the Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), that helps me so much each week. Shelbourne Physiotherapy was located on Shelbourne Street and then added another clinic at the 308-1175 Cook Street location, which is where I moved to with my therapist. Jennifer and the staff have treated me with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. I am so glad because, it was only because the other clinic I tried couldn’t get me in fast enough, after the accident, and now I am getting treated for everything, all in one place.

Thank you to all the present and past Shelbourne Physio staff, Jennifer, Jeanette - massage, Jeff and Penny. I really don’t know what I would have done without this clinic and their wonderful techniques".


K. B., Victoria, British Columbia

Penny Salmas is the best Physiotherapist in Victoria. You are a life changer. Thank you for helping me recover.

J.C., Victoria B.C.

Hello, this email is intended to express by gratitude to Tara Tait, RMT for recommending I consult Lindsay Baker, at Shelbourne's Cook Street Location, for pelvic floor physiotherapy. I have been trying to find relief from a work related back injury that affects my lower abdominal region for over a year and Lindsay has helped me tremendously with my pain and quality of life. I have recommended several people to her, and I am aware that several of them have also made the recommendation to other friends suffering from similar injuries. Its great to know pelvic floor physio is out there, and there are treatments that can help!

Thank you very much!

N.S. Victoria, B.C.
Shout out......
I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank Chris Nelson from Shelbourne Physiotherapy for his care, compassion and overall willingness to think outside the box. 
Approximately 10-12 weeks ago I injured my knee. I tried to fix things on my own and then sought out help from Chris. Both myself and my husband Blaine have seen him for physio in the past. As I saw Chris only 3-4 times in the past 6 weeks my knee became a larger problem which in turn took over my entire leg right down through my foot. 
At this point I am sure you are asking why I am so grateful.... well although I did not see a lot of Chris in person I did keep him up to date via email on my lack of progress. We discussed everything from exercises, activity levels and rest. Unfortunately my leg was getting quite swollen and really not improving. I was getting severe Charlie horse type cramps in my calf and was very frustrated. 
This past Friday night I opened a very calm email from Chris that he had sent earlier in the day. He felt I should get my leg checked for a DVT/blood clot. The same thought had VERY briefly crossed my mind a few weeks ago but I thought no way.  I decided I could not wait to be checked so off to Saanich Peninsula ER I went. You can only imagine Friday night and full moon....not fun! 
I got there at 10:15pm and saw the doctor at 3:15am, yuck. I told the doc my situation, she examined me and determined I either had a life threatening DVT or a Baker Cyst that had ruptured and is of no harm. (A ruptured Bakers cyst mimics a DVT) 
I did some blood work and was given 2 blood thinner injections and sent on my way. Ultrasound was to follow the next day at VGH. The good news is no DVT, thank goodness!!! 
I was not going to post anything about this but I keep going back to the same thought....had there been a DVT, Chris Nelson would have SAVED MY LIFE! Not too shabby for a days work! 
So again Chris thank you from the bottom of my heart. Shelbourne Physiotherapy is lucky to have you. Your co-workers and family should be very proud of you and your passion for physiotherapy. 

Victoria, B.C. February 2017
I am absolutely thrilled with Miriam Haustein. Her physio treatments have had a tremendously positive impact eliminating the chronic pain I have suffered in my shoulder. The exercises she recommended and follow up videos are super helpful too!
M.B., Victoria BC
Penny Salmas is a fantastic physiotherapist and has helped me completely recover from a chronic foot injury and now is helping with a neck injury that has involved my shoulder. I find the office staff very helpful and they managed to squeeze me in a short notice when my shoulder was causing extreme pain. Bravo Shelbourne Physiotherapy!
M.N., Victoria BC

Pilates Testimonials

I  had 3 private Pilates Sessions with Sharon McAuley at the Shelbourne pilates studio.I just wanted to say 'Thank you 'to Sharon. She was an awesome instructor. It was so much fun to work out with her.

M.O. , Victoria, BC

Had a great Pilates experience today at Shelbourne Physiotherapy in Victoria.
Chris Csak was our instructor, very knowledgeable with my complicated curves.
Appreciate the care and consideration.
I will be back, thank you.��

J.M., Victoria, B.C.

I did private pilates sessions in 2016 & literally after only 6 private sessions, I had such huge changes in my low back that I was able to run down a mountain! Thanks for helping me find what I was missing.

J.P. June 2017, Victoria, B.C.

Here's what one participant told me after September's Pelvic Floor Pfilates workshop:
"I was at the gym today, and found it quite easy to incorporate some of the exercises into my routine. I really like the fact that tightening the whole area is encouraged, instead of trying to isolate the pelvic floor muscles completely. In trying to do Kegels, I was always bored, and felt I was failing because isolating those muscles is hard, and I so rarely did them. It's much more satisfying to use lots of muscles and feel a real effect."

" Being a devout pilates recovery client I wish to thank the teachers who have helped me develop the strength in my left knee which due to an injury suffered a complete tear of the ACL. Three years later when I finally went to see a specialist he did not believe the MRI report that I have a severed ACL....Thanks to Pilates even the specialists are fooled."

P. Schaeffer, Victoria, BC
"Pilates changed my life. I probably have more strength than ever before in my 60+ years. I never believed I'd enjoy exercise!!" Rita S., Victoria, BC

Kinesiology @ Gordon Head Recreation Centre Testimonials

I have been working with Kira Graham from Shelbourne Physio at the Gordon Head Rec Centre for the past several months.

I have osteoarthritis in both hips, with surgery not in the immediate future when I started working with Kira. I started with an evaluation. Then Kira and I worked one on one in the weight room and the pool at Gordon Head Rec Centre. Next I joined a group class, which met twice a week in the pool.

I went from constant pain, to almost no pain on some days. I used to walk with a slow bent over shuffle; now I am walking taller -even the neighbours noticed the difference! I went from being slow going up several stairs and using a cane on outings, to going up many stairs with confidence and no cane.

I would like to say how pleased I with the high level of service and attention that I got from Kira Graham. I found her very friendly and knowledgeable. She was able to instruct me in method, style, and reason for every exercise given. For improvement she would modify the exercises to make them more of a challenge. Kira always had a smile and encouraging word. That is not to say that she would let you get away anything, often yelling out "No Cheating !". I strongly endorse Kira's teaching style.

I am very pleased with the results that we have accomplished. It required a lot of work, but it has been well worth it.

E. U., Victoria, B.C., September 10, 2013
I was a recent participant in your 8 week active physical rehabilitation program at Gordon Head Recreation Centre. I would like to commend your kinesiologist, Emily Nadon. I found Emily to be knowledgeable, professional, and, most important of all, able to divide her time effectively between the five participant clients. Please inform Emily of my appreciation. Christmas and new year best wishes to all of you. J.B., December 2013, Victoria, B.C.

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