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What Causes Chronic Ankle Instability

Posted in Physiotherapy on Nov 2, 2019.

What Is Chronic Ankle Instability? Chronic ankle instability, as the name implies, is a chronic condition of instability affecting the ankle and it’s surrounding structures. It usually develops after a severe ankle sprain. However, some people are born with less stable ankles; these individuals are generally hypermobile and extra flexible throughout their entire bodies. Approximately 20% of ankle sprains lead to chronic ankle instability due to the resulting changes in ligament support, strength, postural...

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Tips For Exercising When You Have Pain

Posted in Physiotherapy on Oct 28, 2019.

Tips For Exercising When You Have Pain One of the most challenging aspects of living with an injury or chronic pain is how it can quickly impact your exercise routine. If you have been working towards a fitness or weight goal, this can be extremely demoralizing. Here are a few tips that can help to keep you on track while you recover. Staying as active as possible during this time can mean you’re...

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Spinal Stenosis

Posted in Physiotherapy on Oct 28, 2019.

Spinal Stenosis What is spinal stenosis? The spinal cord, nerves and arteries are housed in the spine, which acts as a hard electrical casing to support and protect these vulnerable structures. The spine has a hollow column that allows the spinal cord to run from the brain to the rest of the body. At each spinal segment, nerves exit the spine and supply the tissues of the body. There is also an intricate network...

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ACL Tears

Posted in Physiotherapy on Oct 28, 2019.

ACL Tears What is an ACL tear and how does it occur? The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a strong piece of connective tissue, which attaches the thigh bone (femur) to your leg bone (tibia). The ACL provides stability to the knee joint as it prevents the tibia from sliding forward relative to the femur. ACL tears are a common sporting injury; however, can also occur from everyday activities. The most typical mechanisms of...

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