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Pelvic Floor Workshop in Victoria B.C. January 15, 2016

Posted in NewsPhysiotherapy on Jan 6, 2016.

Applications of Physiotherapy in the re-education of the pelvic floor and abdominals in the perinatal period (and beyond…)


Presented by Laura Werner MPT, BKin Registered Physiotherapist

Sponsored by the Doulas of Victoria
Friday January 15, 2016 at 7pm
Mothering Touch Centre
975 Fort street, Victoria BC
Admission $5 (Doulas of Victoria Members – Free!)

All birth workers, doulas, midwives, physicians, nurses, anyone interested in the perinatal period, Welcome!!


  • review the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor and abdominals
  • identify common, but not normal, dysfunctions of the pelvic floor and abdominals that can occur in the perinatal period
  • indicate appropriate referrals for physiotherapy assessment and treatment
  • discuss an evidence based approach of physiotherapy for pelvic floor and abdominal dysfunction
  • identify appropriate referrals for physiotherapy assessment and treatment

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a significant health issue. While incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse can result from pelvic floor weakness, hypertonicity of the pelvic floor muscles can cause persistent pelvic pain in men and women. The Cochrane Collaboration 2010 demonstrated that pelvic floor muscle training (pfmt) should be the first line of defense against urinary incontinence and is also effective management of prolapsed pelvic floor and pelvic pain. It is important for exercise professionals to recognize effective engagement of the pelvic floor muscles and to identify and correct compensatory movement and breathing patterns. Additionally, profound weakness, inhibition or excess tone of the pelvic floor muscles may necessitate referral of the client to a pelvic health physiotherapist for specialized treatment. Together we can prevent dysfunction of the pelvic floor and dramatically reduce the incidence of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and hypertonic pelvic pain. 


Pelvic Floor PhysiotherapistLaura Werner is a Registered Physiotherapist with specific post-graduate training in the management and treatment of pelvic floor, abdominal, pre and post pregnancy, uro-gynecological and lumbopelvic dysfunction. She earned her Masters of Physiotherapy Degree from University of British Columbia in 2008 and her Bachelor’s of Kinesiology Degree in Athletic Therapy from the University of Calgary in 2002. Laura is an active member of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia.

After taking postgraduate courses in pelvic floor rehabilitation, she sought the training of Marcy Dayan, who has taught and worked extensively in this field. Laura mentored intensively with Marcy and was asked to join her practice. She worked at the highly regarded Dayan Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor Clinic for over 5-years. Laura has also worked for the renowned Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program at Vancouver General Hospital.

Laura balances her professional life with her family of 5 (husband and their three children). Laura is a great advocate for lifelong learning and appreciates the challenges of work life balance. She is an avid yoga practitioner and former instructor. She is also a Certified PhysicalMind Mat Pilates Instructor.

Laura Werner
Registered Physiotherapist
Shelbourne Physiotherapy – Cook Street Clinic
308-1175 Cook Street Victoria, BC

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