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Do You Really Need To Stretch?

Posted in Physiotherapy on Jan 11, 2019.

Do You Really Need To Stretch? Stretching has long played an important role in the world of sport and fitness, with many athletes stretching religiously before and after exercise in hopes of preventing injuries. Lately, this practice has been called into question with many people wondering if stretching really makes a difference to athletic performance. The answer, like most things, is not black and white, as we explore a little in this article. A brief...

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Three Common Myths About Back Pain

Posted in NewsPhysiotherapy on Dec 12, 2018.

Three Common Myths About Back Pain Low back pain is one of the most common conditions treated by physiotherapists and if you are unlucky enough to have been a sufferer, you know that severe back pain can take over your life. With improved understanding, health professionals have come to identify some common myths about back pain that are inaccurate, misleading or even counterproductive. Myth #1 – Discs can ‘slip’ out of place Sitting between...

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Four Tips for Avoiding Injuries During Exercise

Posted in NewsPhysiotherapy on Dec 12, 2018.

Four Tips For Avoiding Injuries While Exercising   Being active is one the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and there are many different ways to get your heart rate up. No matter what your choice of activity is, there is always some risk of injury. In this article, we have listed some tips from physiotherapists to help you prevent accidents and injuries. 1. Choose the right footwear The correct footwear can go a long...

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Hamstring Tears and Injuries

Posted in Physiotherapy on Sep 17, 2018.

Hamstring Pulls and Tears What are Hamstrings? The hamstrings are a large group of muscles found at the back of the thigh. The primary role of these muscles is to bend the knee and collectively, these muscles are some of the strongest in the body. Despite their strength, the hamstrings are very prone to injury especially when overworked or undertrained. Hamstring strains and tears are quite common in sports that involving sprinting, jumping and sudden...

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